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Energy Management Process 


‒ Monitoring
‒ Operating  
‒ parameters
‒ Electricity bills aloha tube

‒ Baseline data


‒  Repairs
‒  Upgrades
‒  Maintenance
‒  Short Term Goals
‒  Long Term Goals aloha tube



‒  Consultation
‒  Acceptance
‒  Scope Definition
‒  EPC Work



‒  Lighting
‒  Gas
‒  Water


‒  Continuous monitoring
‒  Further Savings
‒  Analysis & Reporting


‒ Project Management
‒ Testing & Commissioning
‒ Training – O & M

Energy Audit 

  • Analysis of utility bills for performance and dependencies
  • Identification of energy saving opportunities
  • Evaluate the feasibility of identified energy conservation measures including renewable energy and cogeneration projects
  • Discussions with site personnel to determine problem areas, strategies used before, critical plant issues
  • Prioritise systems, identifying major energy consumers
  • Determine operational standards, relevant Aust Stds, customer’s own standards
  • Logging of critical plant performance vs. energy consumption
  • Measurement of outcomes, lighting levels, conditions in various zones, airflows etc
  • Identify system losses: hot water systems, compressed air systems, etc
  • Inspection of all equipment for age and condition


  • Identify energy saving opportunities
  • Seek out heat reclaim opportunities
  • Demand management options
  • Benchmarking of performance against similar facilities in the EOT database
  • Analysis and benchmarking of results against local data and international case studies
  • Desktop analysis of systems viewed during site visit
  • Analysis of alternate systems
  • Investigation of fundraising/grant options
    (eg Co-Generation Grants, PV Grants, Renewable Energy Credits)
  • Report to customer on cost effective projects with capital cost and savings detailed to +/- 20%


  • understand their obligations
  • provide all relevant information
  • evaluate proposals
  • establish reasonable conditions and obligations in the EPC
  • understand the procurement process, DFS and EPC contracts, M&V, financing, etc
  • Complete system evaluation and conservation measure design
  • Source and cost all elements .. Financial evaluations, project cost offered as fixed price, turn-key delivery, guaranteed minimum savings defined
  • Selection of proposed options to meet customer defined requirements
  • Development of suitable Monitoring and Verification Plan
  • Develop time and resource schedule for implementation
  • Develop Maintenance Schedule
  • Presentation, comprehensive report + verbal presentation 


  • Lighting (LED, T5, Lighting management)
  • Gas (LPG, NG, Bio gas)
  • Water (Recycle, Management)

Monitoring & Verification

  • Implement M&V in accordance with agreed M&V plan
  • Conduct preliminary M&V quarterly in first year to ensure savings are being achieved
  • Meet at least quarterly with Customer in first year to discuss M&V and to handle any baseline alterations
  • Deliver M&V Reports in accordance with plan, written and verbal, ongoing meeting with customer to ensure satisfaction with performance and to monitor baseline
  • Provide ongoing support and customer training as necessary
  • Tune systems as required to ensure maximum savings


  • EOT Project Manager assigned to provide single point of contact
  • Design Review conducted at time of submitting Works Specification
  • Co-ordinate each area of works with appropriate customer staff
  • Induction of installation sub contractors to site including all OH&S and special site conditions
  • Co-ordination of system commissioning and cut over
  • Commissioning sign off
  • System monitoring starts as per M&V Plan
  • Handover of System Operation and Maintenance Manuals
  • Instruction on operation and maintenance of new systems
  • Staff training as required

Energy Performance Contracting (ESCO)




Performance  Contracting + Innovation

Performance  Contracting is an innovative  form of  contracting developed to overcome  the  major  barriers  to  delivering  guaranteed cost-effective energy  and  water  efficiency. 


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