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The Mission & Focus 

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EOT, a sustainer  in ESCO and energy efficiency , is a thriving Thai company.

    Our misstion is to:

  • deliver  leading  energy  and  water  management  solutions  in Thailand and southeast Asia through  innovation  and  continuous  improvement
  • provide  the most cost  effective  solutions  while  practicing find-bride scam world’s best   practice  in design and implementation

Energy Optimization (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in year 2000. Now the main focus is in Energy Management with respect to chiller systems. The heart of any building in a warm climate is the central plant, which is normally the largest single consumer of energy. Substantial amounts of energy are wasted through over cooling and inefficient controls.  

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The company also offers Energy Management services for commercial/industrial users of refrigeration and air-conditioning using package units. This generally entails conducting a survey of an organization’s refrigeration and air-conditioning system using state of the art computerized analysis equipment. The result is a real time log of all the conditions and current operating parameters of the system. The accumulated data forms the basis for a report on any deficiencies found and recommendations to enhance the efficiency of the systems.

In an effort to use the most effective methods of Energy Management, Energy Optimization (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has procured the best technologies available in each field. To provide these technologies in most cost effective way, Energy Optimization (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has been appointed as distributor for these products.

Where there has been an unfulfilled requirement in the market, Energy Optimization (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has embarked on a Research and Development program to satisfy that requirement.  


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