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Energy Optimization (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (EOT) is Energy Service Company (ESCO)

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EOT designs an energy efficient solution,

in-depth analysis, takes risk, installs, and

maintains the energy savings during the

payback period.

The business focus of Energy Optimization (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is ESCO as the clients ‘Energy Managers’ for their Energy consumption issues. Our experience shows play full moon fortunes that the task of reducing Energy consumption while maintaining all conditions and services is difficult to achieve from within an organization. There are many reasons for this, including lack of experience and a normal workload that leaves little or no time to focus on Energy Management.

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 Advantages  of  ESCO



Non Esco


  • Not outcome focussed
  • Customer assumes risk of performance
  • Customer must project-manage every step
  • Customer must become expert in each energy technology
  • High manpower loading means each project is delivered in sequence (it can take years!)
  • Typically no focus on recording and reporting savings



  • Designed to deliver energy savings
  • Lets the experts take the risk
  • Turn key delivery: from analysis to commissioning and monitoring
  • The EPC contractor’s core business is energy efficiency
  • Bundle projects
  • Relies on accurate M&V to prove savings

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Energy Optimization (Thailand) Co., Ltd

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